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Seven Reasons Businesses are Thankful for Ecommerce SEO

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With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season rapidly approaching, ecommerce businesses prepare themselves for what they hope to be booming sales revenue. Though product availability, brand recognition and cost all play into how successful online merchants will be, the companies who fully embrace search engine optimization (SEO) are more likely to succeed.

Here are 7 reasons ecommerce businesses are thankful for the efforts of their SEO firm:

1. Ecommerce SEO helps guide a buyer’s decision making process.

Search Engine Journal reports that 44% of online shopping begins with a search.1 Customers often don’t know what they need to buy or where to buy it. A potential buyer may have an item in mind but is hoping a Google search will fill in the missing details. For example, a buyer may be looking for a “safe family car” but not know what models or features best fit their needs. Content crafted with SEO in mind will incorporate keywords that customers use, ensuring that the site reaches its target audience through search engine results.

2. Ecommerce SEO sends customers to your site instead of your competitors.

Even when a shopper has an exact product in mind, he or she may conduct a quick search to see who sells the product and for what price. Online shops that appear higher on the search results page get more traffic to their site. Considering that approximately 75% of searchers never even make it to page 2 of the search results, it’s important to keep your ecommerce site ranking highly.

3. Digital marketing firms can provide key data that indicates why your products aren’t selling

Ecommerce merchants know which items are popular and which are not based on sales reports, but an SEO audit can uncover data that you might not otherwise see. A product that never receives any search traffic or clicks, for example, may need to be rebranded or removed. A product that is viewed frequently without being purchased may need better on-page optimization, updated content or a different price. Thus, information provided by an ecommerce SEO expert can save you time and improve the efficiency of your product management.

4. SEO analytics for ecommerce sites can offer you insight as to what products your online shop is missing.

A critical aspect of SEO for ecommerce is keyword analytics. An SEO specialist can determine which products and product attributes are being searched for and how popular the search is in order to highlights what items are in demand and provides comparisons. If, for example, an online store sold wedding invitations, keyword research tools may reveal that “red invitations” is the most popular search query. If the online store didn’t already sell red invitations, the data indicates that this could be an appropriate product investment.

5. Proper SEO techniques on your ecommerce site is like providing your potential customers with a personalized shopping assistant.

One of the best SEO opportunities for ecommerce merchants is an optimized navigation scheme. Experienced SEO consultants understand the importance of internal links for both customers and search engines. Links for cross-selling and up-selling show related products that the potential buyer may not have considered purchasing. This feature of search engine optimization improves sales whether the buyer was encouraged to buy a dress with matching shoes, a toy with added accessories, complimentary food pairings or health products to treat all aspects of an ailment. Internal linking is paired with keyword research to ensure that your web page offers a host of relevant products.

6. Your SEO consultant can be the “voice” of your ecommerce business.

Research indicates that the content on your ecommerce site is critical to sales. Unique, optimized product descriptions are critical for the success of any online store, and long form content reaches a wider audience as part of a branding or social media campaign. Content needs to be shareable, relatable and long enough to stay informative yet still interesting. SEO for ecommerce requires trained content writers to describe your products and services in a way that will gain attention and convince buyers that your company is the right business for them.

7. Ecommerce SEO is like having a doctor on call for your company.

When you run an ecommerce business, the “health” of your website is vital to your success. If a link is broken, people can’t buy that product. If pictures of your merchandise won’t load due to optimization errors or speed issues, a buyer will look elsewhere. SEO consultants for ecommerce run routine audits and analytics to ensure that your website gets a good bill of health and prevents you from losing money in the long run.

Whether your livelihood depends on your ecommerce site or if you simply enjoy your business, you need to ensure that your company page is optimized to the best of its potential.

Paramaya Web Consulting has over 16 years of experience in ecommerce SEO and has assisted with the sales of everything from meat pies to leather fashion to pillows to animal harnesses. Contact us today at 678-824-5560 or use our online form to start 2018 with a boom in your profits.

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5 Reasons You Need an SEO Consultant for Your Law Firm

This post was written by our staff SEO writer, Nancy Rapp, who has a law degree and works as a professor of legal studies. Her unique background allows her to view the world of law firm SEO from the eyes of both an attorney and a web consultant.

The scales of justice with a clock on one side and money on the other. Attorneys will save time and earn more money with SEO services for their law firm website.

As lawyers, we don’t often think about digital marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) probably crosses our minds even less. Lack of attention to this critical business practice, however, reduces our chances of increasing clients. In terms every lawyer can appreciate, here are the top 5 reasons to hire an SEO consultant for your law practice:

1. More publicity, more clients.

Whether you are a small firm, a sole practitioner or a big practice, you need clients to represent. Unfortunately, if you specialize in common legal issues such as divorce, wills, or car accidents, it’s tough to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. Word of mouth and a solid reputation are important, but substantial growth is more likely to come from targeting the millions of internet and mobile searches conducted each day. Expand the audience of your law firm marketing campaign by ranking higher on Google or Bing’s search result pages and convert searchers into clients.

2. You need to speak the language of your clients.

Legal jargon is pervasive in how we speak. We write using “legalese,” as well. Unfortunately, our “language” does not make us approachable to our potential clients. It also does not allow our sites to rank highly on search engine pages. Writing at an 8th grade reading level and keeping the content concise are key practices that are likely to come more easily to a specialist with experience in SEO for lawyers.

3. You’re too busy to manage your site.

Search engine optimization for attorneys isn’t a one-time occurrence. Web consultants can (and should!) help you create your firm’s website, but you need to keep updating the site to stay relevant. Social media marketing and blog posts need to be updated frequently to maintain your followers and to keep up with your competitors. Legal blog posts increase your search engine rankings, too, so time and energy needs to be devoted to digital marketing.

4. You don’t have the time to learn the mechanics of SEO for attorneys.

Search engine optimization is significantly more complex than just using keywords. There’s on and off-site optimization, link building and other analytics to consider. Routine SEO audits and maintenance of the speed of the site are also important keys to success. Rather than try to train yourself in what these technical terms mean and require, hire a web consulting firm who can monitor your site while you devote yourself to your caseload.

5. You can attract clients who didn’t realize they needed a lawyer.

Attorneys fail to appreciate how infrequently our potential clients recognize when they have a legitimate claim. Though we take our legal knowledge for granted, topics like negligence claims, products liability, employee rights and child support are not well understood by the general population.  Legal overviews of the cases you represent help potential clients learn whether or not they have a valid claim. If your website helped instruct them, they are more likely to hire you to represent them.  Though you could write this material, it is best to let an SEO expert use this opportunity to fill the content with relevant legal keywords.

Will your law firm thrive without the assistance of web consultants and search engine optimization? Maybe. In an industry driven by competition, however, SEO management is an important aspect of law firm marketing that will cost you more to ignore than to obtain.

Paramaya Web Consulting has an attorney on staff to better serve the needs of our law firm clients. Our efforts increased one particular firm’s website traffic by 118% in just one year’s time, and we believe we can help your practice grow, too.

Call 678-824-5560 or contact us using our online form today!  

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5 Chilling Facts to Scare You into Focusing on SEO for Your Business

Scary pumpkin representing chilling SEO facts

Does your business designate resources for search engine optimization (SEO)? If not, you are missing out on publicity and client opportunities that are sure to increase your company’s revenue. Here are some SEO fast facts that are more frightening than Halloween if you overlook this key component of marketing:

1. Nearly 80% of users ignore Google’s paid ads.

Think your business is sufficiently represented in internet marketing because you paid to have an ad on Google? Unfortunately, you are mistaken. Searchers realize that you are trying to guide them to your site and will focus on their organic search results instead of the sponsored content.1

2. Approximately 75% of users never make it to Page 2 of Google.

Conduct a search for your business. Are you on the first page of Google’s search results? If not, three quarters of internet users never find your business by way of search.2

3. Companies with blogs have over 400% more indexed pages than sites without them.

Having a blog on your site is a good step to gaining traffic. Updating your blog is better. Blogs generate sales and maintain client interest, so new posts on a frequent and consistent basis are keys to success.3

4. Searches gain up to 300% more traffic to your site than social media.

Outbrain conducted a study utilizing the various search engines and discovered that clicks to your site originate more from search result hits than those stemming from social media. Social media marketing is important, but shouldn’t be your only focus.2

5. Over 90% of internet usage begins with a search engine.

Despite the many online experiences available, the primary activity of internet usage is to conduct a search. If people are browsing, why not direct them to your site?2

The benefits of SEO for business are easy to see and understand. Conducting proper search engine optimization, however, takes time and requires skilled professionals to help your company stand out from the rest. Hire a web consulting company like Paramaya Web Consulting and earn more treats than tricks this Halloween.

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