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Seven Reasons Businesses are Thankful for Ecommerce SEO

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With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season rapidly approaching, ecommerce businesses prepare themselves for what they hope to be booming sales revenue. Though product availability, brand recognition and cost all play into how successful online merchants will be, the companies who fully embrace search engine optimization (SEO) are more likely to succeed.

Here are 7 reasons ecommerce businesses are thankful for the efforts of their SEO firm:

1. Ecommerce SEO helps guide a buyer’s decision making process.

Search Engine Journal reports that 44% of online shopping begins with a search.1 Customers often don’t know what they need to buy or where to buy it. A potential buyer may have an item in mind but is hoping a Google search will fill in the missing details. For example, a buyer may be looking for a “safe family car” but not know what models or features best fit their needs. Content crafted with SEO in mind will incorporate keywords that customers use, ensuring that the site reaches its target audience through search engine results.

2. Ecommerce SEO sends customers to your site instead of your competitors.

Even when a shopper has an exact product in mind, he or she may conduct a quick search to see who sells the product and for what price. Online shops that appear higher on the search results page get more traffic to their site. Considering that approximately 75% of searchers never even make it to page 2 of the search results, it’s important to keep your ecommerce site ranking highly.

3. Digital marketing firms can provide key data that indicates why your products aren’t selling

Ecommerce merchants know which items are popular and which are not based on sales reports, but an SEO audit can uncover data that you might not otherwise see. A product that never receives any search traffic or clicks, for example, may need to be rebranded or removed. A product that is viewed frequently without being purchased may need better on-page optimization, updated content or a different price. Thus, information provided by an ecommerce SEO expert can save you time and improve the efficiency of your product management.

4. SEO analytics for ecommerce sites can offer you insight as to what products your online shop is missing.

A critical aspect of SEO for ecommerce is keyword analytics. An SEO specialist can determine which products and product attributes are being searched for and how popular the search is in order to highlights what items are in demand and provides comparisons. If, for example, an online store sold wedding invitations, keyword research tools may reveal that “red invitations” is the most popular search query. If the online store didn’t already sell red invitations, the data indicates that this could be an appropriate product investment.

5. Proper SEO techniques on your ecommerce site is like providing your potential customers with a personalized shopping assistant.

One of the best SEO opportunities for ecommerce merchants is an optimized navigation scheme. Experienced SEO consultants understand the importance of internal links for both customers and search engines. Links for cross-selling and up-selling show related products that the potential buyer may not have considered purchasing. This feature of search engine optimization improves sales whether the buyer was encouraged to buy a dress with matching shoes, a toy with added accessories, complimentary food pairings or health products to treat all aspects of an ailment. Internal linking is paired with keyword research to ensure that your web page offers a host of relevant products.

6. Your SEO consultant can be the “voice” of your ecommerce business.

Research indicates that the content on your ecommerce site is critical to sales. Unique, optimized product descriptions are critical for the success of any online store, and long form content reaches a wider audience as part of a branding or social media campaign. Content needs to be shareable, relatable and long enough to stay informative yet still interesting. SEO for ecommerce requires trained content writers to describe your products and services in a way that will gain attention and convince buyers that your company is the right business for them.

7. Ecommerce SEO is like having a doctor on call for your company.

When you run an ecommerce business, the “health” of your website is vital to your success. If a link is broken, people can’t buy that product. If pictures of your merchandise won’t load due to optimization errors or speed issues, a buyer will look elsewhere. SEO consultants for ecommerce run routine audits and analytics to ensure that your website gets a good bill of health and prevents you from losing money in the long run.

Whether your livelihood depends on your ecommerce site or if you simply enjoy your business, you need to ensure that your company page is optimized to the best of its potential.

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