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Copy is usually the last thing people think about when they decide to have a website designed. But the copy should be the very first thing you think about. Here’s why:

Words, not fancy design, drive results

Copywriting simply means, “writing to sell.” When it’s done well, it moves readers to take some type of action, such as buying a product or service or supporting a cause.

While search engine optimization (SEO) and catchy website design will attract attention, they alone will not convert site visitors to clients. Only good, strategic copywriting will. Clear, concise, strategic website copywriting does the following things:

  • Captivates your audience’s attention
  • Communicates your expertise
  • Helps differentiate your company, product, or service from the competition
  • Utilizes storytelling and persuasion to target readers’ emotions
  • Motivates readers to take action

Think about the product or service you provide. Think about the experience your customers are seeking to have by purchasing that product or service. Then, read the copy on your website to see if it successfully does all the things listed above.

If not, contact Paramaya Web Consulting and ask about our professional copywriting services. We’ll help you to create targeted, impactful website copywriting that will convert your website visitors to actual buyers.

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