Make Search Performance Fireworks with 10 SEO Quick Fixes

Don’t let the “lazy, hazy crazy days of summer” make you lax about your company’s website. Create SEO fireworks with some quick SEO fixes that anyone can implement. These easy adjustments help you increase your rankings and search presence, thus increasing your site traffic and profitability.

Here are 10 easy search engine optimization techniques to stay afloat in the digital marketing pool:

1. Adjust your URLs.

The content in URL’s is an often overlooked area of SEO content. Google reviews the text within your URL to determine whether or not your page contains high quality content. Keep the content concise—less than 60 characters—and avoid too many unnecessary words like “and,” “of,” “the,” etc.

If you do change your URLs, however, be sure to update your internal links and redirects. You don’t want to run the risk of a 404 error while trying to optimize your site.

2. Address key SEO content areas like titles, headers and alt tags.

Search engines pay more attention to your content than you may think. The phrases and keywords you highlight in areas such as the titles and headers will impact your search ranking, as Google considers these items to be summaries of the content on your pages. Don’t get overzealous, though–these elements need to as concise as they are informative. Webpage titles, for example, need to be somewhere between 50-60 characters.

3. Make your content shareable.

Having a blog is good. Making your blog shareable is better.

The key to a successful blog post is to establish yourself as an information authority through conversational content that your readers want to share. Have links to share your content on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. If your business does B2B work, LinkedIn is another important platform for sharing your content.

4. Establish a local search presence.

Local search optimization helps target potential customers or clients who include geographic qualifiers in their search terms. These searches include phrases like “top lawyer near me” or “bakery near Lithonia, GA.” If you are a brick and mortar business, be sure that you mention your location within your content. Additionally, check with community sites like your local chamber of commerce or local review sites such as Yelp to be sure your name, address, and phone number (your NAP) is correct.

Most importantly, be sure to create a Google My Business listing. For more information regarding how to create a GMB listing, read our detailed post on the topic.

5. Edit duplicate content.

Duplicate content may seem like a harmless, content time-saver, especially if the duplicates are for geographic landing pages. Unfortunately, this SEO cheat is one that will harm your pages in the long run, particularly if you are an ecommerce business. Perhaps surprisingly, duplicate content causes a host of technical concerns including indexing issues and problems with how the pages rank.

The true, technical fix require adjustments such as 301 redirects and canonical tags that may be too advanced for SEO amateurs. The quick SEO fix is to edit the content yourself and make the pages as distinct as possible. Pay close attention to the SEO content such as headers and titles, when making the changes.

6. Create imaginative anchor text links.

All too often, hyperlinks use phrases like “click here.” Only the more invested site visitors will click on those links as you aren’t using language to attract or engage your visitors. Instead, you should be more descriptive with your anchor text.

Short terms like “click here” or “read more” are unnecessary most of the time, as internet users recognize a link when they see it. Phrases like “click here to view our clearance table lamps” or “legal consequences for refusing a field sobriety test” are much more relevant and compelling.

Even beyond appealing to your visitors, search engine spiders consider the anchor text when crawling a website. By incorporating descriptive links, your page will seem more authoritative and will likely perform better in searches.

7. Write for real people.

When drafting content for your webpage, are you considering your target audience? Your content should always be inspired by the keywords and search phrases that your ideal customers or clients are using.

On the flip side, keyword stuffing is big no-no in the SEO world. Not only will your site visitors be unimpressed, but Google and other search engines consider repetitive content to be a form of “spam,” and will penalize your site in terms of its ranking.

8. Correct broken links.

A broken link is one the easiest problems to correct and one of the most important. Bounce rate increases dramatically when a 404 error appears.

It’s an SEO myth that 404 errors cause Google to penalize your site. Though there is no penalty, the errors still negatively impact the crawls conducted by search engines. Thus, the errors still have SEO consequences.

Redirects are a quick fix to this problem, and tools like Google Search Console are helpful to ensure you are aware of the potential issues.

9. Create a reasonable plan for backlinks.

An entire blog post could be written about how to gain backlinks. (For SEO amateurs, backlinks are where you get other websites to include a hyperlink to your business’ website.) The more, high-quality, backlinks you have, the better your search performance.

There are dozens of ways to earn backlinks, so pick the ones that are the most “doable” for you. If you’re a medical doctor, try to guest blog on a parenting or local sports website. If you’re an attorney, verify your address in the important legal directories. If you’re a B2B business, ask your clients to include a link to your page on their website. Whatever you have time for, make it your goal to earn at least one strong backlink a month.

10. Conduct monthly audits.

Just as you go to the doctor to check your health, you need monthly SEO checkups. Reviewing site data monthly with tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Screaming Frog helps you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website. With this information, you can create a stronger business strategy and earn your website long-term success.

It’s important to note that monthly audits are not necessarily a quick fix, but it is certainly the most efficient way to maintain a high-performing website.

Though this post is focused on DIY SEO techniques, there are countless other techniques to best increase your traffic and profits.. SEO is a complex aspect of digital marketing that is best achieved by skilled SEO experts who have the time to properly monitor and enhance your site.

Paramaya Web Consulting is a comprehensive SEO firm with a variety of services available. With everything from SEO coaching to monthly retainers available, we have options that fit every business and budget. Give us a call or complete our form to get started with a free SEO review and consultation.

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Nancy Rapp

Nancy Rapp has a law degree and works as the SEO Content Manager for PaperStreet Web Design. Her unique background allows her to view the world of law firm SEO from the eyes of both an attorney and a digital marketing professional.

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