Learn the Art of Communicating with Your SEO Agency

Selecting the right SEO agency is a critical aspect of your digital marketing efforts. You need a firm that knows the newest trends, has a portfolio of happy, successful customers and is ready to work hard for your internet marketing campaign. All of those criteria were likely on your radar when you made your selection, but did you ever consider how much YOU will put into your SEO campaign?

Of course, your digital marketing agency will do the heavy lifting when it comes to your SEO performance, but you are not without some responsibilities. One of the most important tasks on your plate is that you fully communicate with your SEO firm. Yes, you need to answer the questions that the firm presents, but you can also take the initiative to help shape the direction of your SEO campaign.

Here are the top 5 areas where you need to communicate the MOST with your SEO agency:

Tell Us the Clients You Want

No matter your industry, you probably have a target audience in mind. Whether you’re an ecommerce shop catering to a particular demographic or you’re a law firm managing specific class action claims, you know who you want to visit your website. Provide as much detail regarding this information to your SEO agency as quickly as possible. The more precise information the agency has, the more fine-tuned your short and long-tail keywords can be. Long-tail keywords, such as “red dress with long sleeves” or “Miami divorce lawyer for high net worth divorce” often target site visitors who are more likely to take action on their search, and directing your campaign to these individuals is an important SEO strategy.

Additionally, you may have services that your potential clients may want to know about. Perhaps you offer 24 hour assistance or having Spanish -speaking services. If you paint a full picture of who you want as clients or customers AND also what makes your business unique or particularly appealing, your SEO agency will craft the content you need to reach these individuals.

Tell Us Your Target Region

The geographic scope of your SEO campaign is an aspect that you and your digital marketing agency should work together to define. Sure, if you run an Atlanta restaurant, you’re likely targeting the Atlanta metro area for clients. If you’re an attorney, however, you may be willing to travel to certain locations to meet with clients. Perhaps you know that a nearby county has had an increase in DUI arrests. Maybe you’re looking to grow your brand in a new, major city. No matter the reasoning, always communicate different geographic options to your SEO agency in order to get the most bang for your buck out of your campaigns.

Tell Us Where You’re Seeing Results

Any respectable SEO firm is tracking your website’s progress. The firm will be looking to see your rankings, your conversions, etc. Nevertheless, you may see results that the SEO firm can’t see by way of Google Analytics or other SEO tools. If, for example, you’re a dental provider and you find that you are seeing an influx of senior dental patients, let your SEO firm know. With that in mind, they can look to see what about those particular pages may be helping to gain more clients, and the successful strategy can be applied to more pages.

Tell Us What You Want to Do Next

Many times, clients come to SEO agencies looking for a quick fix. Either rankings are down or you want to drive up more business. SEO, however, is a marathon and not a sprint. You are never “done” optimizing your site. Your competitors will keep changing their websites, Google’s algorithms will change, and your potential customers or clients may change their habits. You need to find ways to stay relevant, and alerting your SEO agency of your future business plans is important for the growth of your digital marketing campaign.

When you provide your SEO agency with goals for the future, the agency can build your site architecture with placeholders for new content. The agency can also begin the research for keywords at any time, and can use these phrases as secondary keywords in order to lay some groundwork. Similarly, the agency can also advise if implementing new content and services can bolster your existing digital marketing campaign.

Tell Us What You Don’t Want

Any strong SEO campaign relies on competitive analysis. Your SEO firm will work hard to make sure that your site has the features and content that will help you stand out from your competitors. The problem, however, is that competitive research could lead an SEO agency to ideas you don’t want to pursue.

Consider, for example, that you’re a partner in a criminal law practice. You may want to avoid traffic violations and other driving offenses in order to focus on felonies. Many of your competitors may offer those traffic defense services, and your SEO agency may do research to see how you can compete in those areas. Thus, your agency will waste time on fruitless research since you didn’t create the initial parameters. Limiting the scope of your campaign early on helps your SEO agency work the most efficiently, and you are likely to see the results. Further, your campaign can always be broadened in the future.

When in Doubt, Communicate!

Overall, your SEO agency will want your feedback. You should help identify what you want your digital marketing campaign to achieve and work hand in hand with your SEO team to yield the most fruitful results. If you find that your voice isn’t heard, seek out the internet marketing firm that provides you with the time and attention you deserve.



Nancy Rapp

Nancy Rapp has a law degree and works as the SEO Content Manager for PaperStreet Web Design. Her unique background allows her to view the world of law firm SEO from the eyes of both an attorney and a digital marketing professional.

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