Is Your Website Embarrassing the Attorneys at Your Firm?

Young woman lawyer rolling her eyes with her hand covering her face while looking at her law firm website

Do you remember when you were young and there was a kid in school who never invited anyone back to her home? Maybe she came to your house, but you never, ever went to hers.

Chances are good that she was embarrassed by her home. Maybe her parents weren’t hospitable to guests. Maybe the house was a mess or there was a collection of junk in the yard. Whatever the reason, her home didn’t reflect how she wanted to be seen by others.

That’s how a lot of lawyers feel about their firm’s website.

Your attorneys should be proud to send potential clients to your law firm’s website.

Like the kid who’s embarrassed by her home, some attorneys are embarrassed by their firm’s website. They may think that sending potential clients to the firm’s site will do more harm than good.

Why? Here are some possible reasons:

Your law firm website content is outdated and inaccurate.

  • Inaccurate hours and contact information
  • Incomplete list of practice areas
  • Hundreds of misleading blog posts that have little to do with your firm’s actual practice areas
  • Associates profiled on the site are no longer with your firm
  • Some attorney bios are missing entirely
  • You closed one of your offices months ago, but the address is still listed on your website

Your website’s design is unprofessional.

  • Your website design is painfully outdated, which can be harmful to a lawyer’s credibility.
  • Your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

Are you embarrassed by your law firm’s website?

When I talk to lawyers, I often ask about their website. A surprising number of attorneys are reluctant to give me their website address. They preemptively mention how the design is lame and the content is outdated.

Why do you even have a website for your law firm if you don’t want people to see it?

A website can be a valuable marketing tool for your law firm. It should be an integral part of reaching your business goals. It should never be neglected to the point that it is best left unmentioned.

Have you stopped putting your website URL on business cards or other marketing materials? Do you cringe when you see someone looking at your website? Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Okay, I hear you. Your firm doesn’t have room in the budget for a complete website redesign, right? Fortunately, you may not need a brand new website for your law firm.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little TLC, consistently over time.

Here’s the good news. If you lack the budget to scrap your embarrassing website and start over, you can still move in the right direction.

Start by setting a monthly budget for website upkeep and include it in your overall digital marketing budget. Include discussions about the website in partner meetings.

Plan and implement small changes each month, starting with the most critical content updates to make sure the information is accurate. Develop a content strategy that includes a website review and editorial calendar, and make it part of your business processes.

Once your content is updated and accurate, you can move on to the more complicated changes like design, navigation, and information architecture. Make small changes, then test them out to see how they are received by clients and prospects.

Pull your office staff into conversations about your website. Because they are on the front lines with clients every day, they know what questions people ask and any misinformation on your website that they have to address over and over.

Depending on the size of your firm, you may eventually need to hire a marketing director (if you don’t already have one) or you can get outside help. A digital marketing company that specializes in working with law firms will understand the value of iterative website changes and a well thought out content strategy.

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Laura Sultan

Laura Sultan is a veteran at creating successful SEO strategies that grow small businesses. She founded Paramaya Web Consulting in 2001 and has established herself as a respected SEO professional specializing in SEO for law firms. Laura is proud to call Atlanta home where she lives with her family on a small urban farm. Outside the office, Laura enjoys gardening, hiking, birding, and nature photography.

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