How to Use Rich Snippets to Boost Ecommerce Sales

As digital marketing campaigns continue to evolve and become even more competitive, many ecommerce businesses are looking for ways to stand out from the pack. Employing less common marketing techniques is a strong strategy, and dedicating resources to the creation of rich snippets in search engine results is a wise investment. With only an estimated 17% of marketing campaigns focusing on rich snippets, it’s relatively easy to take advantage of this area of search engine optimization (SEO).

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets provide extra details about your business during internet searches. Technically speaking, this descriptive information comes from structured data in coded bundles within HTML. Though Google admits that the rich snippets do not assist with rankings, the snippets help search engines understand your content and present the appropriate information.

Rich snippets often display above or below the general snippet on the search engine results page (SERP). The extra information, a result of structured data added to your website, helps searchers learn more about your products and business with the key details you highlighted for Google to possibly display.

Rich Snippets for Ecommerce Websites

Many types of structured data can benefit an ecommerce business, resulting in rich snippets that stand out in search results. Five of the most common types of rich snippets proven to increase clickthrough rate and online sales include:

1. Product Details and Additional Products

Though this may seem to be a common sense explanation, a rich snippet product description helps you clarify information. For example, if a person had only searched for a broad term such as women’s shoes, the product rich snippet would include links to items such as women’s sandals, women’s athletic shoes, etc.

Product type rich snippets may also include links to related products. An online retailer of baked goods, for example, can showcase links to additional cookies, though chocolate chip may have been the initial search.

2. Price

There are pros and cons to displaying a price as part of a rich snippet. On the one hand, if your price is competitive, you can draw your potential customers in to your online shop. The other option is to not display the price in order to encourage traffic to your site. Displaying price ranges are still another option. There is no wrong choice, though a web consultant would be able to advise you as to the best marketing strategy. Sales and promotions, however, should definitely be noted.

3. Availability

Though you may lure potential customers to your online business by concealing a product’s availability, this decision will do more harm than good. An out of stock item should be noted, as customers are likely to be disgruntled if they complete the shopping process only to find the item is no longer available.

Limited quantities should also be posted as rich snippet content. Items in short supply appear to be in high demand and could attract customers to your site. Mentioning that an item is in stock also helps your potential customers know they can easily make a purchase.

4. Images and Videos

If your ecommerce business offers specialty items, perhaps words won’t do your items enough justice. Rich snippets with video and images can make your products stand out on the SERP page, as well as allow unique characteristics to be more visible.

5. Ratings and Reviews

If your website allows customers to submit reviews of your products or if you can link to a distributor’s page with reviews, such as an Amazon page, it is a compelling marketing strategy to include the reviews as rich snippets. Reviews of products increase sales anywhere from 60-80%.

While you may not want to highlight negative ratings as a rich snippet, bad reviews can still increase conversions over 60%. Reviews provide online shoppers with a sense of trust and credibility for your business, so their inclusion is often encouraged.

Though the above are the 5 most common rich snippets, other options include:

  • Store Name
  • Site Architecture
  • Event Details such as a sale, product launch, etc.
  • Search Box

Again, the use of rich snippets involves the application of marketing and SEO strategies. Thus, a digital marketing firm is perhaps the best choice to make these creative decisions.

Implementing Rich Snippets

The creation of rich snippets involves a bit of coding. Each variety of snippet has a unique installation process and requires manipulation of the HTML source code. Google has both the Structured Data Markup Helper and the Structured Data Testing Tool to assist with the process, but it may not be enough for proper installation. Instead, the expertise of a web consultant or web developer is strongly encouraged.

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Nancy Rapp

Nancy Rapp has a law degree and works as the SEO Content Manager for PaperStreet Web Design. Her unique background allows her to view the world of law firm SEO from the eyes of both an attorney and a digital marketing professional.

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