Twitter Highlights from Internet Summit 2014, Raleigh, NC

After attending the Techmedia’s Digital Summit in Atlanta last May, I thought I’d check out the Internet Summit, which was held in Raleigh, NC last week.

Internet Summit 2014, Raleigh, NC

Steve Wozniak had to cancel his keynote at the Atlanta conference due to flight delays, so I was happy to see him on the agenda in Raleigh. If there’s one thing that can turn internet marketers into pushing and shoving kindergartners, it’s “The Woz.”

The keynote speakers draw the crowds, but the real digital marketing “meat” of the conference came from the sessions. Below are some of the best nuggets of wisdom as documented on Twitter.

The ‘Next SEO: Evolve Your Approach to Customer Acquisition or Risk Extinction – Seth Dotterer, Conductor

Multi-Channel Attribution & the Digital Media Food Pyramid – Dan Golden, Be Found Online

Driving Marketing Goals with Influencers and Brand Advocates – McGavock Edwards & Christine Pierpoint, IMRE

Paths to Successful Sales in the Social Media Era a.k.a. Social Selling – Jeff Sheehan, Sheehan Marketing Strategies


Trends in Search & Social – Donna Bedford, Lenovo, Scott Gardner, Bank of America, Cara Rousseau, Duke University, Melissa Sowry, Burt’s Bees, Christian Sullivan, Ignite Social Media

Getting The Most Out of Paid Search – Diane Pease, Cisco


Communities & Relationship Marketing – Marcelo Andrade, Commonwealth, McCann

How to Consistently Win at Content Marketing – Arnie Kuenn, Vertical Measures

Closing Keynote – Robin Wheeler, Twitter




Laura Sultan

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