Promote Your Law Firm with Google My Business Posts

These days, law firms usually understand the importance of online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). You probably know the value of a quality Google My Business (GMB) page and are using it to your strategic advantage. You’ve got that covered, but there’s one GMB feature you may have missed.

Are you harnessing the power of GMB posts?

While a GMB page is essential, there are limits to what information gets conveyed. Now you can use Google My Business posts to more effectively promote your law firm and individual attorneys.

Sample Google My Business post from a lawyer, showing the lawyer's photo and name, the GMB post image, title, and text along with a call to action to learn more

Google My Business posts are a great tool for promoting your legal services. They show up on the same page as the search results when people use branded queries, appearing in the knowledge panel on the right side of the page. Google is often the first place people look when evaluating a firm. Lawyers that use GMB posts effectively will have a strategic advantage over competitors.

The benefits and advantages of a GMB Post

Obviously, the first step is to create a quality and well-optimized Google My Business listing, which is one of the foundations of law firm SEO. Once you have done that, you should regularly make use of the GMB post feature.

GMB posts are free and easy to create and usually have a one-week lifespan. (Event posts can last longer). If you keep your GMB posts current and relevant, they’ll be highly effective and give you an edge over competitors.

7 ways your law firm can use Google My Business posts:

1. Post kudos from happy clients

You win often, and your clients are happy. You know because they’ve told you so. Share this praise so prospective clients know what to expect . Ensure you have the client’s permission to share the comments.

2. Awards

Awards are a great acknowledgment of your achievements. GMB posts provide the ideal opportunity to share your success with viewers. You’ll want to use GMB posts to share any successes or achievements of the firm and the staff.

3. Changes to the firm

Promotions, new additions, and changes are a great way to keep up to date with followers of your firm. Use GMB posts to keep people notified and generate new interest.

4. Events and happenings

You must promote events and law firms, attorneys, and lawyers can get great traction from a good GMB post. The same applies to press releases or news mentions and new service announcements, as well as recognition of staff members. It’s the perfect avenue to post about new associates and partners. You should publish all new events, presentations, and seminars on GMB.

5. Work for a cause

All firms and lawyers take on some pro bono work or work for a cause. GMB is the ideal platform to showcase this work subtly and humbly. You should mention all volunteer activities or free services on GMB posts.

6. Press releases or news mentions

Any new press releases or mentions in the press should be actively promoted on GMB posts.

7. Call to action

As with all digital marketing, your quality Google My Business posts should include a call to action. Always keep that in mind.

Important tips for GMB posts

Remember that posts remain active for one week unless they are event posts. Event posts will last until the event date has passed. You can use up to 1,500 words and incorporate pictures. Quality pictures create interest and enhance the posting. They will give it a distinct advantage. The ideal pixel size for your pictures is 750 x 750 and a minimum of 344 x 344.

Final thoughts

While it is important to master the basics of GMB, there is much more to it than a simple listing. GMB posts need to be actively worked to maximize their potential for increased exposure and effectiveness. It is only one element of your overall online marketing mix. However, it is a vital one that you cannot ignore.

With the help of Paramaya Web Consulting’s local search optimization services, you can incorporate the best SEO methods to enhance your digital marketing. As web consulting experts, we can help you achieve quality search engine optimization and a higher ranking on search engines.

If you are not already using Google My Business posts, then you are missing a great opportunity.



Lakeita Hannah

Lakeita has been working in digital marketing for several years now specializing in SEO, Local Search Optimization, Google My Business, and Social Media Marketing. She first fell in love with marketing in high school from browsing through magazines. Her passion is business, the arts, and being creative which she explores in her spare time.

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