Repurposing Content for an SEO Boost

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Content is at the heart of successful online marketing for any law firm, but you may struggle to push out new content on a consistent basis. Maybe you’re a solo lawyer trying to grow your own law firm through content marketing. Perhaps you’re an in-house marketing director managing content for over 150 lawyers covering several major practice areas.

The smartest content marketers know how to repurpose old content to save time and resources. You can reach new audiences, improve the overall quality of your website, and free up time by taking advantage of content assets that you already have.

Evaluate Your Existing Content

Before you jump into repurposing, take a look at your website and social media analytics to determine which content has performed well and which content has performed poorly. Make a list of each because both successful content and not-so-successful content can be repurposed.

2 Ways to Repurpose Content

1. Revamp Popular Content with a New Format

If you have an old, well-written blog post that generated a lot of attention when it was first published, keep it circulating! Take the main points from the original article and transform it into a podcast, quick and easy-to-understand infographic, or visual social media post. You can use case studies on your website to develop a Google My Business post. This works well for personal injury attorneys if your client received significant compensation.

You can also take a popular old blog post and riff off of it with a slightly different angle for a guest post on another professional website like Avvo or LinkedIn. This will help drive more traffic back to your website and may provide a valuable backlink to your article. It will also help you build a strong online reputation, which can improve E-A-T for your law firm’s website.

Evergreen content about a niche practice area works well for repurposing. Use a list to summarize a string of related articles. If you wrote a popular post on your website about a certain broad concept, use a different platform to expand on the subject.

2. Update or Rewrite Poorly-Performing Content

For older, low-quality, or thin content, you’ll want to do a complete rewrite. Evaluate the article’s strengths and weaknesses. Then keep what’s good and scrap the rest.

Make sure to update any outdated information with more current facts, noting especially if any laws have changed in your state since the article was first published.

As a lawyer, your advice may change with more experience in your practice areas. Claims you made about consumer law, for example, may not reflect your current understanding. Maybe your brand or practice focus has changed over the years, but your website content hasn’t kept up. Out with the old, in with the new.

In this case, don’t create a new post and link back to the original. Replace the old post with the new one instead. Low-quality content can drag down the overall quality of the entire site. Be sure to 301-redirect the old URL, if necessary.

Above all, remember to keep your audience and your content marketing goals in mind. Repurpose, re-publish, and then promote, promote, promote!


Maya Martin

Maya Martin

Maya Martin is a content writer at Paramaya Web Consulting and a student at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA.

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