Website ROI: Is Your Website Sleeping on the Job?

Does your website ROI look like this? Here’s a question for you. What does your website do for your business? In other words, what’s your return on investment?

If you answered “Not much” or “Grrrr,” then you should pay attention.

Picture this. You’ve hired an employee who is willing to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. What’s more, she can work wherever your customers happen to be.

Now imagine that you’ve given her no job description. You’ve set no expectations. There will be no performance review. In fact, you’ve stuck her in a back office where she almost never has contact with any customers. Plus, you’re so busy that you’ve all but forgotten you hired her.

It would never happen, right? Sadly, that’s how a lot of business owners treat their website.

Your Website Should Be Your Best Employee

Far too many business owners spend thousands of dollars on a shiny new website with no clear idea what they want it to do for the company. Are you one of them?

Maybe you wanted a website because your competition has one. Maybe you finally gave in and let your IT department build one just to shut them up. Or maybe you have a vague notion that a website should do something for your company, but you’ve never articulated what that something should be.

Give Your Website a Job Description

Web designers talk a lot about defining business objectives when building websites. This is a vital step in the strategy phase that should never be left out, but I’m not talking about business objectives right now. You wouldn’t give a new employee a list of your business objectives and tell them to get to work.

Your website needs a job description, and it should be based on your business objectives.

For example:

Business Objective: To increase sales
Job Description: Bring in 20 qualified leads per month.
Business Objective: To improve customer service
Job Description: Reduce the number of calls to our call center by 30%.
Business Objective: To increase awareness of our brand
Job Description: Subscribe 5% of site visitors to the newsletter.

Don’t Forget the Performance Review

Notice that each of the job descriptions above specifies a quantity that can be measured. That’s because you should be tracking your site’s performance on a regular basis to make sure it is doing it’s job.

Stop Wasting Your Best Employee

If you’ve gotten this far, chances are your website is not currently your best employee. In fact, a job description is just the first step toward putting it to work. You have to provide the right tools for the job, which I’ll discuss in the next post in this series.

Need help defining a job description for your website? At Paramaya Web Consulting, we make websites that work as hard as you do. Learn more about our web consulting services.

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Laura Sultan

Laura Sultan is a veteran at creating successful SEO strategies that grow small businesses. She founded Paramaya Web Consulting in 2001 and has established herself as a respected SEO professional specializing in SEO for law firms. Laura is proud to call Atlanta home where she lives with her family on a small urban farm. Outside the office, Laura enjoys gardening, hiking, birding, and nature photography.

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